Derby was born out of a deep desire to create the first truly international fashion brand from Asia. Its origin dates back to the year 1994 when a first generation entrepreneur, Vijay Kapoor, decided to set up a design studio with the sole idea of helping the urban male dress right and dress sharp. Over the years, Derby has grown to be a leading menswear brand in South India with a retail presence through exclusive stores and multi-brand outlets. Derby became a cult brand among the youth and there has been no looking back. The company is headquartered out of Chennai. India.


Welcome to India’s Most Fashionable Men’s Wear Brand
Derby is the innovative and brilliant result of the meticulous work by a team of professionals, able to blend their personal experiences in an unconventional and original way, so as to satisfy the demands of an uncertain and unpredictable world.Style and quality mixed with the brand’s originality strongly characterizes what the brand is today. The brand has maintained its position in the market by being ahead of time in terms of fashion as a result of the extensive market research.

The Community

Derby does not just sell a commodity. It welcomes every new member into a community that stands for freedom & success. Derby is the only brand in the world that works on adding believers rather than just selling to customers. The brand believes in creating the best community around and this community will make a difference in every sphere of life. Freedom & Success for everyone!

The Store

Retail is in details. Every store is taken up as a new challenge at Derby right from the layout to the facade design. Derby stores carry the distinct brand look and differentiate from other stores, thanks to a unique design & character developed after years of research and experiments. A defined format applies to all Derby stores which is consistent with the community’s image & brand strategies. While maintaining a uniform look, the blue print is also adapted & customized for every location depending on various factors like the layout, height & frontage of the store.

Years of Existence
Stores & Growing
Strong Team
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