Techie Fashion – The Exclusive Derby Collection

Techie Fashion – The Exclusive Derby Collection

Common Sense is genius dressed in its working clothes
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Power dressing has always propelled us to great heights in our professional Journey. The dressing etiquette has helped us earn brownie points from the top brass of the organisations and also helped us to be a class apart from our peers. Derby, which started off as a formal wear brand offers a greater collection of Office dressing attires for the people with a power dressing palate. In this article let us see how Derby’s collection helps us to put up to the daily vagaries that we encounter at the Office.

Intriguing Interviews

What to dress for an Interview has been the million dollar question amongst fresher graduates, who are looking for some motivation. Boost your confidence with solid coloured shirts from Derby which are polite in hue and elite in looks. Look dapper by wearing solid coloured trousers preferably cream, beige and khaki shades with a pair of polished tan coloured leather boots to go with it. Wear a tie that goes well with your shirt. One more tip to remember, Wear socks with colour as same as the trouser you wear with.

Just Another Day at the Office

It is just a normal day at the office with no big events happening and you have some redundant, mundane documentation work to be completed. Cheer up your mood by wearing some of the finest self-designed shirts accompanied with slim tapered fit trousers from Derby. Get those semi-formal looks going by wearing a pair of casual suede shoes. Derby’s office attires can spice up your boring working day into an eventful one.

Client Meetings

We all get pumped up when our clients visit our office for an audit or sealing a business deal. We are entrusted with the herculean task of impressing them with our flamboyance and thereby benefiting our organisation. Things can get apprehensive when we don’t look good on this important day. Let go of the tension and stress,, Derby has got you covered. Be optimistic with our bevy of chequered shirts and slim fit trousers and make a good first impression with your client.

Presentation Blues

Nominated by your boss to give a presentation on a new technology? All the top brass of your office hierarchy are gathering up for the presentation? Look spruced up with our range of printed shirts accompanied by rich coloured trousers. Feel comfortable and get your body languages confident making a bold statement making the presentation successful.

Fun Fridays

The weekend is fast approaching and your organisation relaxes the dress code on Fridays. Hit the office looking cool in our range of textured trousers and Polo T-shirts. Put on sneakers to look suaver instead of those boring leather shoes.
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