Power Brand Awards 2018 bagged by Derby: A Crowning Glory to a Victorious Fashion Story

Power Brand Awards 2018 bagged by Derby: A Crowning Glory to a Victorious Fashion Story

Fashion world looks up to Derby once again: Power Brands Award 2018 Bestowed

Customers love Derby for the unique way that it presents its fashion sense to the youth of Asia. Derby is a result of hard work and dedication of a team of professionals who wanted young people to dress up right and sharp. The Derby group is to satisfy the demands of uncertain and unpredictable in the fashion world.


When Derby came into the big picture, we just had one thing in mind. A pursuit to adopt a people first approach by ensuring the success of customers, vendors, job workers, suppliers, service providers, franchise partners, front end and back end team. We have made our target hit the bullseye! Our mission has been a success and hoping it would grow on more successful in the future!


Every brand wishes to progress and draft out their paths and passages for their future. So is Derby! We got recognized as the most dependable clothing brand in India. We were ecstatic and we dreamt of a stint at the International arena! Our vision, duly created and by our Managing Director and his team of a multi-talented workforce, To create 1000 successful first generation entrepreneurs by franchising derby jeans community, thereby putting India in the fashion map of the world by 31st March 2025


The values imbibed by Derby is to add believers and not mere customers, by providing them with style along with the best quality since 1994. We ourselves are a set of believers and it’s our belief which has brought us to this level, and we do still believe to go further ahead from where we are now! Tracking down the customer needs, analyzing their grievances, suggestion, and feedbacks if any was one of the many things we always look upon to create a systematic brand value for our company. The values we talk about can be of two kinds, monetary as well as ethical. Our value statement, My work is my prayer. I can, I will. Intensity and enthusiasm. Service loyalty to customers. Financial loyalty to the brand has been justifying the reasons for our remarkable growth!

Team Derby has recently been on an award-winning spree with accolades like the recent Power Brands Award of 2018. “Challenge yourself to be the best” is the motto of Derby in every moment of its existence. Vision with which Derby was started by Mr. Vijay, is to create 1000 of first generation entrepreneurs like him to Make India a living dream for people across the globe.

The picture has been shot during the ceremony of Brand Awards 2018. Derby’s Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Vijay Kapoor and his wife Rakhi Kapoor are proudly receiving the award along with John Albert, the head of Finance and Hariprasad, the Vice President at Derby.

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