Fashion and the Shutterbugs – Know the Sync

Fashion and the Shutterbugs – Know the Sync

Fashion photography is a very fascinating genre to explore. It has a lot of dimensions that we are not fully aware of. We would have come across so many writings providing tips to fashion photographers on things that need to be taken care from a lensmen’s perspective. But here we will walk you through on the outfits that will bring out the best portfolios.

Keep the balance right

When it comes to keeping the color balance right both the lensmen and designers will have to be on the same page to get things rolling. Designing clothes with some neutral colors will be appealing if you are targeting a huge number of audiences but if you are specific with your viewers then we can play with the colors of the outfits like the way we want. But never miss the basic color palettes or shades that give the classic touch to your outfit.

Blending your outfit with the theme

Your outfit should be the hero of the picture rather than the background or model. This can be achieved by using earthy colors for outdoor shoots where you can convey the theme in a more relative way and also achieve a connection between your model and environment. Derby holds a wide range of collection that can be picked for fashion photography. Get here to shop the one for you.

Pay attention to the quality of the outfit

Paying attention to quality is something very vital for a good shoot. Never compromise on the quality of the merchandise you are working with. Quality does not necessarily mean the fabric but also right fitting for your model is important. We definitely would not want a loose fit or a cloth tearing fit. We want to get it just right. Check out some of our latest collection and grab your fit.

Accessorize your outfit

Accessories enhance your viewing experience and also help in bringing more merchandise in a single frame. Design your outfits in such a way that they can be mixed with a decent pool of accessories. Sometimes accessories elevate your outfits up to the next level and take a back seat making your outfit star of the show. But still, it can be vice-versa on rare occasions so never overdo with the accessories.

Sculpt the details sharply

Detailing your outfit could elevate the capture above your expectations. Details like buttons and sharpness of your collars will make a statement in a photograph. Never miss out on even the smallest of details that can make your whole theme go into a mess. Sculpt each and every detail by keeping your post processing vision in mind to get the maximum output from your design.

Fashion photography is a vast ocean waiting to be explored more. Derby offers excellent outfits that make you look good and feel confident at the same time. We never treat our customers like a common man. We treat each one of them like a fashion model and sculpt each and every outfit keeping them in mind. We not only delight their own senses but we do serve the delight to all others who peek on them. Check out our collection at

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