Colors to Paint Your Outfits

Colors to Paint Your Outfits

Playing with colors has always been a fascination for mankind. Be it in art, pictures or whatever the form of color we love to connect with them. Outfits also take up an important place in the playfield of colors. We all love to mix and match our outfits with different colors for different occasions. Let us play with colors for some time to dress you up.

Contrast it well

This is a simple yet effective way to look good. Just contrast lighter and darker shades either with your shirts or trousers to achieve that classy look. For instance, take a white shirt and pair it up with a black or a dark blue trouser to kill the look. There are a lot of shades to play with if you prefer to go contrast with your outfits. If you are fitting yourself with a shrug for a casual occasion contrast the color of the shrug with the right t-shirt inside. Say you are wearing a black shrug just contradict it with a white or even a cream-colored t-shirt to make it perfect.

Beware if you are going monotone

Some people prefer to go monotone for certain occasions. It is a very effective way to achieve a classy look even for a formal occasion. But there is one thing to look upon if you are going the monotonous way. Just make sure both you trouser and the topping are of the same fabric. If you do not match the fabric well then it may turn out to be an embarrassment which we all would love to avoid.

Know the color family well

There are some colors that just go naturally with the other color. Red and blue are a good example for this and even dark purple and white are naturally good matches. But still there are some colors where we can play with our creative side. Take earthy colors like brown, maroon and try mixing it up with some fresh colors like light yellow or even a lighter shade of green.

Fabric plays a role too

As always, fabric plays a vital role in representing your outfit and thereby representing you. So just opt for the right fabrics. Every shade of color will look different in different fabrics. It is not that a color does not suit you naturally but may be the fabric is not right. A simple black will surprise you if you try it with different fabrics so it is important to pay attention to your fabrics.

And like we say and stress always, go with the right brand for the perfect blend of colors and quality dyes. You may end up having faded colors after a wash or two if do not choose your brand right. Derby Jeans community offers a wide of collections for men to choose with. Derby uses quality fabrics and dyes to make your outfit relate with you for quite a long time. Check out Derby’s collections at

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