Checked Shirts – How did This Fashion Evolve?

Checked Shirts – How did This Fashion Evolve?

The game of chess is the most famous for its application of mind as well as for its entertaining sequences and rules. One of the most popular aspects of it will definitely be the Checkmates and of course the black and white check box, where the pieces move on to fight for the glory of their kings!

Fashion gurus, who were constantly keeping track of the trends, took over the popularity of Chessboard and inculcated in their fashionable products. This was the basic reason for the emergence of checked shirts.

Dates back to a long time!

Checked shirts were always been in and out of the market for a long time. It all began in the year 1700, where checked clothing made of wool was worn by the Highland Clans of Scotland, which was subsequently banned by the British government. Well, whenever a thing is banned, it gains momentum right?

Buffalo hashes, A name to remember!

When the Scottish highlands where denied wearing the checks, its existence became known to the rest of the world. Soon, it set the market on fire with the famed, red and black checked clothing. This pattern was called as Buffalo hashes by Chathams Run at Woolrich, near Pennsylvania. My, My truly an interesting name to remember!

The symbol of elegance.

What started out as a casual design, slowly started getting a huge fan following and checkered shirts became a symbol of elegance and royalty amongst the fashion freaks.
It became a moment to cherish and feel proud of while people, particularly professionals wore it to their official meetings. Well, It’s definitely a delightful watch for the eyes to look at the elegance, one would carry along with the checks!

The plaid – A mandatory for a wardrobe!

As quoted earlier, the checked clothing was a regular in the Scottish Highlands and they called it The plaids. A woolen clothing with a checkered or tartan twilled cloth was the typical meaning. Many initially hesitated to get accustomed to this style, mainly due to the resentment from the Britishers.
But, who in the world would miss this wonderful creation? No one who loves portrays themselves as unique and elegant would surely have a checkered one in their wardrobe. Rightly said, it is a Mandatory pick for the wardrobe to remain complete!

If you try to refresh your memory, you will surely find yourself wearing a checkered shirt at least once in your calendar year.
But, all that glow are not gold! Checkered shirts are synonymous with Derby!
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Thank Derby later though😊😊

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