6 Tips to Nail Your Look Wherever You Go

6 Tips to Nail Your Look Wherever You Go

You think male fashion is all about wearing a shirt and pant and you’re good to go? No! There’s much more to it. There are several guidelines you need to follow to make a man look stunning.
Here we jot down a few points so that you can up your style game.

1. Proper fitting is key

Wear clothes that make you look fit. Choose straight cut pants over baggy ones. The shirt or pant you wear must compliment your body structure and make you look crisp. Saggy and loosely fit outfits will make you look old and dull.

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2. Footwear matters most give gif of well dress men with funny footwear

Footwear is very underrated when it comes to male fashion. But, your footwear matters most. A neatly ironed shirt and trousers will not give you the proper clean look if you pair them with an unpolished shoe. Make sure your footwear is appropriate to your outfit. Don’t go all out on footwear but also don’t be stingy.

3. Create a trend by marking your style

This is a very important point. Don’t blindly follow trends, instead, go for what makes you look smart. Each body type is different, hence work with what suits you best. Understand your body structure and choose your clothes wisely. For example, chinos will not suit everyone. Rather, a good khaki might do wonders. So, experiment with your style and create a stable one.

You could also take inspiration from our Bollywood celeb Shah Rukh Khan. He never fails to nail every look. Be it desi functions or hip parties, he could be your style icon.

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4. Say no to fake-offs

This is easy to say, but when you find an expensive item at a cheap price, it’s difficult to curb the urge to buy it. But this fake item will show you off. Not all fakes can clearly match original pieces. In that way, it’s better to buy an original piece at a price you can afford rather than making a cheap splurge.

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5. Color coordinate

Colour coordinating your outfits is vital. Firstly, work with colors that suit your skin tone. Second, choose colors that aren’t screaming for attention. A light beige shirt or T-shirt is always better than a flashy green one. Try to have the same color tone for all that you wear. To an extent avoid mix matching.

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6. Feel confident to look cool

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head.

Though all these pointers can make you dress well, it’s up to you to make a mark on others. Whatever your outfit is, carry yourself with confidence. People admire a man who is not embarrassed to show off his original self. Don’t try to impress everyone. But walk with confidence and don’t put down others. That will make an everlasting mark.

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Hope you find these points useful!

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