5 Mind-blowing Facts Every Fashionista Must Know

5 Mind-blowing Facts Every Fashionista Must Know

Fashion has evolved drastically over time. Every era had its own fashion quotient and every person wanted to look in trend no matter their age. In the current time, fashion has developed heaps and bounds. There are so many different types of clothing and other accessories that have taken over the fashion market.But, do you ever think about the origin or the original purpose of these items? Through this article we bring you a few such facts.

Cuffs and pocket squares

Today when you wear a suit, you need so many other items to make you look whole. Like French cuffs and well maintained pocket squares. But the real reason behind a pocket square would shock you. These were originally used by gentlemen as handkerchiefs. That’s right. They were used to blow their nose. But, later with the invention of other products to aid this purpose, the pocket square became a fashion piece. You cannot see a man snorting his nose in his pocket square today, can you?

Also, shockingly, French cuffs weren’t invented by the French. They have a British origin. They were used by Englishmen to fold up their sleeves to a desired length.

Coloured suits

Men normally wore coloured suits back then. They were photographed wearing suits in shades of brown, green and maroon. Although, this trend is catching up nowadays, with more men choosing coloured suits over black and white ones. Celebrities have also found a liking towards them and are seen walking the red carpet in coloured suits.

Button down shirts

Button down shirts were invented by Polo players early in the day. They were actually DIY ideas that the players came up with so that their shirt collar flap wouldn’t block their face. Later, Brooks Brothers, an age-old clothing line, adapted the technique and here you have it, your everyday button-down shirt.Get your office and casual wear button down shirts sorted with Derby Jeans. We offer a wide range of options for you to choose from and make your style known.

High heels were first worn by men

Yes! Long before high heels became a must have in a ladies wardrobe, they were worn by men in the 16th century. Men wearing high heels were considered wealthy and of higher status. This was supposedly evolved as a piece of men’s fashion when a comparatively short French King wore them.
Hope these fashion facts blew your mind!

And here is a bonus one.

You think men like wearing suits and that they look good in a suit, but, they prefer sportswear any day compared to a tailored suit!

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